making the switch

It's the big 1 year mark, and you're anxious about making the switch from boob/bottle to whole milk & sippy. I was really nervous about the transition and was really unsure what to do or where to start. Since I have a lot of mama friends with babies younger than mine, I wanted to share more about our experience to help you out!! Munchkin doesn't actually turn one until next Friday, but the formula ran out this week and I wasn't about to buy more being this close to her bday. So we made the switch a little early. Some pediatricians will even tell you to switch way earlier, so always consult your physician before trusting the mom diggity. *ahem*

We went cold turkey, and it worked for us. I know this is not the case for some people. The bottles got packed up, and yesterday they were put in the closet to not be touched again by the girl. She normally gets a big nice bottle of formula as soon as she awakens, but instead she got her special new sippy and ice cold milk.

Her eyes lit up when she took the first sip. You would think we put chocolate and teddy bears in her cup. She absolutely loved it. She wouldn't let go of that cup and drank every sip.

Her new schedule:

Morning milk while she wakes up, and then breakfast once she's awake. She's a woman - it's a process. (she's a super late sleeper and usually doesn't get a morning snack)

Milk with Lunch.

Nap from 1:30 - 4:00ish.

Milk with afternoon snack, when she wakes up. If she doesn't finish it, she gets the rest with dinner.

Warm milk before bedtime.

So there you have it, it worked for us. But what worked for YOU and your kid? I'd love for you to share your experience with me, and give any advice you may have for other mommies about to make the switch!!!

Good luck!!!