steps backward

A little more than a year ago I gave birth to a toddler. A perfect little person pushing a hefty ten pounds. She has always been very advanced in everything she does, which I think had a large part to do with the extra two weeks she got in in my belly. She sat on her own at 4 1/2 months.

She pulled up at 5 months.

She crawled a little before 6 months.

She ate like a rockstar, slept like a rockstar. The first year was a blast. So it was no big surprise when she took her first steps at 9 months. She would walk a little here and there. Mostly walking from mom to dad or between furniture. I expected her to walk a little more everyday until she was pretty much walking everywhere. I fully expected this to happen before 11 months at least.

Next week we celebrate her 1st birthday and she now hates to walk. I can barely get her to take more than two steps. Crawling is easier and preferred apparently, so that's what she does.

This has been really hard on me.

It's a total pride thing.

*Ouch* there I admitted it. Do I want her to walk for her or for me? Is it so I can proudly show off my kid? I know (at least I hope!) she will face whatever fears she has of walking and will eventually do it, so why is it bothering me so much?

Boy, am I learning a hard lesson. If I don't suck up my pride and be proud of her, what kind of a parent am I?? Why am I ignoring all the other amazing things she's doing and focusing on this one thing?

I can't believe it frustrates me that an 11 month old kid isn't walking everywhere. How crazy does that sound?!?

I sure hope I can learn to not focus on this thing and let it happen when she's good and ready. I hope I remember this and don't let my pride get in the way when she's older and not doing something that I selfishly think she should be doing. I hope I can learn to be the mom that focuses on what she IS doing and praise her for those incredible things.

Because wow...she's a really fantastic kid. Silly me.