dance baby dance!

We finally got to see our baby! We will have our c-section the first week of September. It will be quite different only going 39 weeks with this baby! (I went 42 with my daughter, yeah that's normal.) It's kinda relaxing going into this knowing when the baby will come and how. I am a little nervous about having two c-sections within 17 months of one another, but I love my OB and totally trust her to do a fantastic job.

Seeing our baby made this VERY real. Holy crap. I'm going to have TWO BABIES. 17 months apart. Two of them. Under the age of TWO. That's terrifying stuff.

Munchkin was always very active in my belly. From the time I could start feeling her kick, she never stopped. And after she was born, she still hasn't stopped. Well, this baby moves MORE. If that's even possible. We couldn't believe it. So basically in about 8 weeks when I really start feeling the kicks, I won't sleep ever again.

Enjoy our dancing baby!

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