if only he knew...

That just waking up next to him makes everyday a day of love. That the beautiful flowers make my heart pitter patter like the day we met.

That the chocolates just make me want to jump his bones.

That the sweet note & stuffed puppy for our daughter means more to me than all the gifts for me.

That the love he pours out for her makes my heart overflow with joy.

That I will gladly enjoy dinner alone at home tonight so he can treat our little girl to a special daddy & daughter valentine date.

That from now on valentines day has a whole new meaning as he sets the bar for our princess.

That she will grow to compare all boys to her daddy.

And she'll be lucky to find one as amazing as he is.

I'm sure blessed and thankful to be his.

If only he knew how much I love and adore everything he is to us.