snow day

If you've turned the news on in the last week, you might have noticed that most of the country is covered in a giant white snow blanket. Oh, you noticed? Cool. Well, Oklahoma got hit pretty hard. We got around a foot of snow at our house so we've been laying low and hanging out at home for a few days. Yesterday we had to get out for a bit, so we bundled up and went out to play! Munchkin was not very excited about us plopping her in that freezing cold white stuff. Mostly I think she was mad at me because she couldn't put her arms down. Poor kid was probably sweating under all those layers.

Enjoy our snow day pics!

tasting the snow. she was not a fan.

oh so un-sure.

please don't make me play in this stuff.

really not okay with this.

mama, i'm cold.

considered having fun for a split second.

happy family of 4 (teeny little 8 week old fetus in tow!)

Did you get snow? How did you enjoy your snow days?