out longer...finally

If you haven't heard my complaints story, I carried my kid for 42 weeks. You remember that song we sang as kids that was the annoying "this is the song that never ends"? That was my pregnancy. It just went on and on (my friends). In going 42 weeks, I gave birth to a toddler. It was fantastic. But I'm happy to report that she has officially been OUT of me longer than she was IN me. Just 10 weeks shy of her first birthday. Insanity.

I have to admit, the longer she is out, the cooler she gets.

Ummmm, SHE WALKED YESTERDAY. That's right. 5 glorious beautiful unsupported steps. 9 months old and walking. I swear she'll be writing novels next week, this kid is a genius. {I'm a terrible mom and didn't get the first steps on video.}

What a joy it has been to watch her learn and grow over the last 9 months and 2 weeks. She's an amazing kid, and I am excited to enter the new stage of walking and talking. Oh the talking. In addition to saying mama & dada, she can also say night-night, bye-bye and uh-oh. And a whole lot of other things that don't make sense in the English language but are awfully cute.

It's a honor to be the mama to this spunky little kid!

My heart explodes.