the sunday bump

Meet Baby 2.0. It's not necessarily better than the first, just the newest addition. And we are kinda crazy about this tiny tadpole. Say hello to my "massive" baby bump that is mostly leftover baby, and the food I had just shoved in my mouth prior to taking the picture. I was about this size at 15 weeks preggo with my first. Nice.

It's kinda nuts how my body just knows what to do and has kicked into full gear this time around. About 2 days after conception I starting throwing up and just knew I was pregnant. My baby making machine knew what to do and started going strong. Since Munchkin is only 9 months old, and my body never really went back to normal anyway I still have a baby bump. Yeah, I'm one of those normal women who don't get their body back.

Now, I just have a good excuse for looking pregnant. I ACTUALLY AM!

Happy 6 Weeks!