on becoming a toddler

I feel like we are crossing a bridge. Entering a new stage. A scary stage. Toddlerhood.

She leaves destruction wherever she goes. She is fearless. She gets into EVERYTHING.

She tests me. She knows.

I'm not really sure what officially makes a toddler a toddler. Walking? Um, that would make sense. But I think being a toddler is an attitude, not necessarily a developmental step. But developmentally this kid is SMART. It terrifies me sometimes how she outsmarts me.

{contemplating her next move of destruction}

I'm not sure I'm ready. A huge part of me wants to go back about 2 months and freeze time with my sweet baby. The girl that doesn't know how to throw all her food off her high chair. The baby that doesn't pull every toy out and drag them all over the house. The BABY. I just want to remember the baby.

But I'll embrace it. Embrace the stages, and use the teeny bit of energy my preggo body has to chase her all over the place.

Bring it on toddlerhood. You can't beat me.