guess what...

We are THRILLED to announce that we will be adding a new squishy and adorable new member to our family in September! I mean come on, we do make pretty cute babies.

With my last pregnancy we waited until I was about 12 weeks to announce the pregnancy, but this time we just couldn't wait. Mostly because I literally started puking my guts out about 2 days after conception. Seriously, these things only happen to me. I knew I was pregnant the day I went in to sort laundry and puked everywhere. Laundry has always been my nemesis.

So far this pregnancy has been completely different from my first, and my instinct is telling me boy! I was right with the first, we'll see if I'm right this time too!!

And to answer your questions: Yes, our daughter is only 9 months old. Yes, we are crazy. And no, my hubby can't keep his hands off me. Wink.

Please keep us in your prayers as we begin the exciting journey toward our family of 4! Bring on the puking! Bring on the exhaustion! I'm excited and honored to grow another baby, and can't wait to share the journey with you!