my favorite things: 6-9 months

Whoa! It's already time for my favorite things 6-9 months! Kiddo, stop growing!!!!!! Check out my favorite things 0-3 months & my favorite things 3-6 months!

1. Puffs - Don't be surprised if have the things on this list have to do with food. This kid loves to eat! Puffs were her first finger food and she looooves them.

2. Crawlers from Gap - Pants with built in knee padding. GENIUS! And they are soooo cute!

3. Babyproofing stuff - But I love these outlet covers because it doesn't take a college degree to get them out! (I hate the cabinet things, talk about annoying.) Safety 1st is a great brand, start there!

4. Peek-a-boo - Ok, I know this game isn't really something tangible that you can buy at the store, but we are REALLY into peek-a-boo! I love this little soft peek-a-boo book though. She's even learned to hide her face and pop out to play! Cutest thing ever!

5. Plastic Cups - I'm not kidding. Cheapest and most fun toy of all time.

6. Squeezies - This is what we call them, not sure of the technical name. You can buy them in the baby food aisle. They are great for snacks and keeping her happy on an outing to the grocery store. Plus they are clean and easy for eating out.

7. Sippy Cups - Once we finally mastered the sippy cup, they are our best friend. I'm a big fan of the munchkin brand because they are cute and cheap.

8. Leg warmers - Really, is there anything better than cubby baby legs in leg warmers? Nope.

9. Summer Infant Video Monitor - I can't believe we waited until she was 6 months old to buy a terrific monitor. This thing rocks my world! I loooove that I can check on her all the time without chancing waking her up. Best baby purchase ever!

10. Leap Frog Table - This was on my last list, but it had to go on it again. This table is a MUST purchase for little ones. It's so much fun and my kid spends about 12 hours a day banging on this thing.

There you have it! What are your favorite things for your baby that I should look for?