a year in review - 2010

To say my world was rocked in 2010 would be an understatement of the century. So many amazing things happened and it was a year to remember for sure! A few highlights:

-Stopped puking at 32 weeks preggo. Amazing! -Went 42 Weeks preggo. Not recommended. -Gave birth to a beautiful baby girl -Was forever changed by a tiny, perfect person -Survived colic. But just barely. -Took family vacation to Alaska -Began the road toward adopting a baby from Ethiopia -Quit my job at House of Blues -Hubby quit his job at Kingsfield Church -Moved our family to Oklahoma!

A few things to look forward to: -Starting over in Oklahoma -Hopefully having another baby -Getting some major adoption paperwork knocked out -Watching our baby girl learn and grow! -Buying a house

A great year is ahead!! Bring it on 2011!!!