our new family member

I'm excited to introduce you to Angie Chica, the newest member of our family! Angie was born on March 25, 2010...um, the same day as Munchkin!! She's from El Salvador, and oh-so-cute! Instead of buying our daughter mountains of toys for Christmas, we got her the gift of friendship. Of compassion. Of love. To teach her that there are children in the world with less, and there is a way we can do more.

I can't wait to watch Jessi Girl grow up with Angie Girl (as we call her). In hopes that my daughter will be forever changed by this relationship. And in hopes that someday they will meet and it will be a friendship of a lifetime.

I encourage you to give your children a different kind of gift this year. A gift that keeps giving, and a relationship that will change their lives (and yours).

These are 2 great organizations I recommend sponsorship through: World Vision & Compassion. Go scroll through the kids, and it will be hard for you to walk away without doing something.

I dare you to try.