i don't like newborn babies

I know I'm opening a can of worms here. I mean, who doesn't like a freshly baked, snuggly, newborn baby? ::raises hand::


It's true. Maybe my newborn experience wasn't all roses and angels singing. {Um, it wasn't. Trust me.}

{Photo Credit: Kristen Stewart Photography}

Ok...I could look at a newborn all day. Come on, that's just amazingly cute.

As we enter this new phase of "baby making", I'm seriously dreading not only the pregnancy {because wow, that was so un-fun for me}, but those first....oh, 6 months.

But NOW. Now I'm having a blast. It did take a while, but we started having fun. I've always been crazy about my kid. Absolutely head over heels crazy about her. But I REALLY like her now that's she's not a newborn.

Am I alone? How do you feel about the newborn stage?