summer infant monitor winner!

You're all rockstars that entered, but unfortunately all but one of you are losers because there can only be one weeeeener! (Ok, I still think you're all weeeeeeners!) Sorry. Um,  I'm hyped up on cold medicine. The curse of December has hit and I'm suffering from a super fun head cold.

Tis the season. Joy to the World.

Ahem. Back to the subject at hand.

Munchkin LOVES her monitor. Great for teething!

And the winner is...........

Chelsea @ Someday I'll Learn!!! I'm super excited for her because she's expecting her first baby! Hooray Chelsea, I know you'll love Summer Infant as much as I do and want to go out and buy all their wonderful products!! Congrats!

I hope everyone has a happy, cold & sinus medicine filled Friday!!!