the post in which i'm thankful

It's Thanksgiving! Duh. I'm sure you are all stuffing your faces, and hanging out with family and not reading blogs today. Oh wait, you are reading! Sweet! Since it's Thanksgiving, I thought I would share with you a few things I am thankful for this year. Last year on Thanksgiving, I was 25 weeks pregnant with my baby girl.

This year, she turns 8 months old.

My how times flies.

I must say, I'm so stinking thankful she's not in my belly! We are having a blast living in OK and spending tons of time with family & friends. I'm incredibly thankful for the people around us, welcoming us with open arms and making our move easier! I'm overwhelmed with thanks this year!!

What I'm not thankful for: not having an excuse to eat for two.

What are you thankful for?