cheating on your lunch break

Before becoming a stay at home mom extraordinaire, I worked in the real world. I was an event planner. See, you knew I was fun! I was very hard working and (almost always) followed the rules. You know that weird feeling you get when you stretch your lunch break a tad farther than you should? You know, that little voice in your head saying "stop shopping at target and get back to work?" Yeah. That voice.

Well, the voice didn't go away once my job changed. I am never away from my daughter for very long. I will usually take a couple hours once a week while hubs hangs with her, to go spend some alone time. But I always feel guilty if I'm gone for very long.

Last week, I went shopping. I only intended to be gone 3 hours max but ended up having something come up I had to do and I ended up being gone 6 hours.

Nobody gets a 6 hour lunch break!! I feel guilty if I leave her for just 2 hours. This mommy job is way different than corporate America, but sometimes I still feel that pressure. Because I want to give it my all, and feel guilty if someone else is having to pick up the slack for me.

I felt like I was cheating on my lunch break.

And no one wants to cheat time with this face ----->

Do you deal with feelings like this or something similar? How do you handle "mommy guilt"?