why we're doing it

Yes, we are packing up and moving from gorgeous Huntington Beach, CA to Edmond, OK. Seems like a really stupid odd trade doesn't it? It's called sacrifice. Giving up something you love for something you love more.

We love the beach and Orange County. We love our family more. Simple really.

It drives me nuts when people tell us "well at least you tried it", as if we failed. Living in California was not a failure for us. We moved here with no jobs, and both got great jobs within a couple of months. We grew our family by giving birth to a gorgeous little girl. We've had a blast. But this is a choice we made for our family. Not a failure, a win. A complete win.

We are stepping out in faith. In faith that God will provide for us. To raise our children surrounded by family & friends. To help this mama keep her sanity while raising tiny humans.

We didn't fail. We succeeded. But now we are following what is best for our family and planting us somewhere we want to continue to grow.

While we were making this decision, I struggled a lot with "but what if God's plan is for us to be here?". We have a heart for the people of Orange County and so desperately want to minister to them in a way that fits this culture. But as my husband so wisely told me- "there are other people who can minister to them. I'm the only one who can minister to you and our daughter and we need to do what's best for this family".

Darn that brilliant and wonderful man. That was my deciding factor. Yes, we love OC. But our family is more important and raising our children surrounded by the support system in OK is the answer for us right now.

So, that's why. Not because we failed. Not because it was too hard. Because, it's the best thing for us. Easy as that.

Oh, and because I miss Braums, Hobby Lobby & McAlister's. That too.