Orphan Sunday {& giveaway winner!!}

This upcoming Sunday, November 7th is Orphan Sunday. This is  a day set aside to remind the American church about the orphan crisis we face.  Now, before some of you turn away, Orphan Sunday isn’t just for folks who are actually adopting.  There are literally hundreds of ways to help orphans. I encourage you to take a moment and just make yourself aware. Take a minute to watch this video. Go to this web site to learn more about Orphan Sunday and events happening in your area. Pray about how you can help a family who is adopting. Pray about saying yes to the decision of becoming an adoptive parent.

Creation Groans from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

It's up to us to make a difference and bring these 147 million fatherless children into loving homes.

What can you do?

Now the giveaway winner!! Congrats to Melissa Brotherton on winning the Junk Posse necklace!! I'm so excited for you to receive this necklace. I'll get in touch with you shortly!