a handmade christmas list

I've started Christmas shopping. And don't hate me...I'm actually halfway done. {go me!} But the most fun...um, making a list for me & the munchkin!! I hardly ever think about things I want for myself, but when I got the life threatening kind and persuasive e-mail from the mother-in-law {before Halloween even arrived}, asking for Christmas lists - I figured I should be prepared. I'm buying handmade this year. No, not everything. And there are things on my list that are not {ahem, espresso machine}. But I'm so excited about buying from some amazing designers who create some gorgeous things.

Here are some must haves on my list this year.


{25 Designs} Headbands. Because I never fix my hair. And I need 50 of them.

{apronqueen} Because I'm a rockin' housewife.

{tank&tink} I'm in love. Every home needs a gorgeous print like this!

{tweetbabydesigns} A chomping necklace for baby...but cute for mama!

{gussy} Because mama's not always lugging the diaper bag around!


{knottytots} Because her chunky legs need to look even chunkier.

{brittanysbuttons} This needs no words. Unfortunately, the baby is not included.

{twolittletots} These are a-dor-able.

{sullivan&sawyer} A toy tie - to keep that dumb giraffe in the stroller.

{mamarunswithscissors} My kid would be amazingly cute in this.

Ok, I must stop for now. This is just a glimpse at what will {hopefully} be under our tree this year! I hope you are planning to shop handmade and support some amazing people who pour their hearts and souls into their work!!

What are some must have handmades I need on my list this year?

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