my political rant

It pains me to even think of the millions and millions of dollars spent on the campaigns. For something that ended yesterday. Millions spent, and millions wasted {for most}. It pains me even more to think of the millions and millions that went hungry last night.

Just to put this into perspective a bit:

{According to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization} It would only take $30 billion a year to launch the necessary agricultural programs needed to completely solve global hunger.

{According to an article from Capitol Weekly} In California alone - the candidates running for governor spend a combined total of around $200 million. And the 2008 Presidential Election - 2.8 billion.


What's more important? The hurting people of our world or the leading faces of our country? Is it necessary to slash one another in an election race? It shows fear. Why is it so much more easier to rub a opponants name in the mud in attempt to make ourselves "look better" than to make a difference and do some good?

I hope someday we have a leader who leads the way Jesus taught. With love and compassion. Not greed and selfishness. I want to follow a leader who leads us to the foot of the cross, and helps the hungry, sick and orphaned along the way. Who leads in such a way that they don't need to spend millions of dollars to get a message across - but the message would be simple. LOVE.

That's the person that will get my vote.

I do love my country, and I'm super proud to be an American (where at least I know I'm free...). You better believe I pray for our leaders, and support them in the roles we as free people have appointed them to. It's a job I certianly couldn't and don't wish to do.

But I have a heart for our world, and I think it's high time we got off our American rich high horse and helped out those "below" us. Am I crazy to think there is more to life than politics and the battles Washington deals with?

Ok - I probably opened a can of worms. Your thoughts?