Welcome to {life.love.lens} as I share with you a picture a day of the coolest tiny person in my life. Check back every Friday for a look at the week through my lens!

Week 31 – {October 22 – October 28}

Friday 10/22 - Such a beautiful girl!

Saturday 10/23 - We are too cheap to buy actual baby gates, so cases of water will do for now.

Sunday 10/24 - Rocking fall in her sweater dress and boots! So cute!

Monday 10/25 - We announced we are moving to Oklahoma! And baby girl is 7mo today!

Tuesday 10/26 - Enjoying spaghetti for the first time!

Wednesday 10/27 - Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets! She loved thme!

Thursday 10/28 - She loves playing with puzzles (and eating them).