we are...

Yes, it's true. Munchkin doesn't look excited, but believe me...she is. And so are we. For those of you who might be new to the blog, I'll give ya a little background. Hubs and I both grew up in Oklahoma. After college, we both moved to Texas. Got married, then moved to California. We've lived in Orange County for 2 years.

It's been a blast. An absolute blast. We made a baby here. We had FUN {more fun than just making a baby, but that was fun too}. But it's never felt like home. TRUE home. We want family & friends surrounding us. We are crazy attempting to make another baby, and beginning the process to adopt. So if you can count that high, that's THREE babies. Little tiny babies.

Yes, I said crazy.

The bad news -- um, we have no job. So please be praying for us that doors open so we can plant some roots and grow our family there.  The good news -- my inlaws live in Alaska but still have a house in OK, so we are going to be living there for...free.

This is a big step of faith for us. We are beyond sad to say goodbye to Huntington Beach, but excited for all the open arms that await us.

We chased our dreams, had a blast...

but now it's time to come home.

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