how do you do it?

Living far away from family isn't easy when raising a baby. I get e-mails from girls asking "how do you do it?". How do you start a family when you have no family near? Munchkin's grandparents live in Alaska & Oklahoma, so we've learned first hand how hard this can be. Well, here are some of my tips for starting your family when you feel "alone".

There will always be an excuse to wait to start a family. Always. Whether you live close to family or far away. Maybe you want to learn a new hobby, maybe you want to run that half marathon, or travel the world with your husband. All are great dreams to achieve.  But get realistic. Are you really that crafty {I am NOT} and you want kids before you get crafty? Are you actually going to have the time off work, resources, etc. to travel?

Children are by far one of the GREATEST blessing you will ever receive. I say, if you are ready...go for it. If you never achieve those other things, then so be it. I promise you will re-think your priorities when you are holding a little one in your arms.

Technology is key. Skype, Skype, Skype. Our daughter is 6 months old and reacts to her grandparents on skype.  She loves it! When she started crawling, she was skyping with her grandma and she got to experience a wonderful first! Luckily, our parents are all good with technology, or at least try their best to be. Grandmas both have iPhones, making it very easy to stay connected and send pictures and videos almost daily. It takes an effort from everyone if you want to stay involved in the baby's life!

Make family. You don't have to share the same blood with people to call them family.  Some of the people that we are closest to and consider family, are not blood relatives. So if you are struggling with being far from family, make some family of your own right where you live. Trade off the kids for date nights so you and the hubby can still spend quality time together.

Rely on each other. This is very important for us.  I count on my husband way more than I might if I had family right down the street. Since I can't just drop the kiddo off at grandmas for the day so I can a breather, I count on hubby for this.  I try to take a break at least once a week to get away.

How do you do it? Any tips you might have? Need help or encouragement when you have family far away? Feel free to e-mail me!!

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