our kids will fall

It's part of growing up. I know it is. But as a mother, it pains me. Since munchkin is now crawling and a professional puller-upper {so she thinks}, she is everywhere. And we have lots of wood floors. The kid is fearless. Wood floor, meet head. Most children will pull up on something and cling tight to that with every ounce of strength they have, not mine. She thinks she can stand on her own. Every bit of her 6 1/2 month strength shaking underneath her, trying to hold herself up. She lets go.

And she falls.

She cries.

Her mama comforts her.

Then she tries again.

I can't protect her from everything. I can't shelter her from the falls.  But I can be there to pick up the pieces and comfort her when it hurts. That's my job as her mom. To teach her to hold on when it gets difficult, and that even though she falls...to try again because next time might be successful.

Our kids will fall. They might get a bruise or two {in my kid's case...a daily bruise}, but the most important thing is that they learn to get up and keep going. As a parent, are you being that example to your kiddos?

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