i'm giving in

I married my hubby about 2 1/2 years ago. When we got married we got TONS of gifts, as is the great custom to buy presents for the bride & groom.  One gift we got was a coffee maker. Poor little coffee maker.

Today is the first time I am using it. It has been used by family and friends, but this morning I gave in.  I brewed myself a cup o' joe.

I'm a complete coffee snob. I love Starbucks, and rarely branch out to other coffee establishments because I never like their fancy lattes like my 'bucks can make it. Usually, I just drink Chai because it became my addiction when I gave up Diet Coke almost 4 years ago {wow...I can't believe it's been that long}. But sometimes, I just need a little more.  Now that I'm chasing around a baby that thinks she's a toddler, I need the extra boost.

So here I sit this morning, with my first cup of homemade coffee in hand. Because I can't afford to go to the 'bucks everyday like I wish I could. It's a compromise I make so my child can eat. Yup, I'm such a good mom.

Since I'm a coffee virgin & all I know how to do is order from a barista, standing at the grocery store picking stuff out is a whole new world!

Please offer up some tips on great, low fat coffee creamers? And what is the best kind of coffee to buy?

I'll let you know how it goes. And if I end up at Starbucks in an hour.

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