the mommy break room

I go through ups and downs as a mommy.  Ups, where I feel terrific, could parent all day and night. Where nothing wears me down.  Then I hit a low. Where if I have to do one more load of laundry, or change one more poopy diaper, I think my head might explode.  We've all been there, right? {I'm just not going to act like I never get tired like some of you crazy people}

If I don't take a BREAK, I fear for the outcome. I might lash out on my husband, or not do laundry for 2 weeks {wait, I already do that...the laundry part, not the lashing part}. It's not my hubby's fault that I get exhausted, but bless his heart...he's the other adult in the house. Living with a hormonal woman.  Like I said, bless his heart.

For me, I just need a few hours to re-fuel after a long week. Maybe I go for a drive. Usually I go sit at Starbucks. Sometimes I just stare at the wall. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I pray {but that usually brings tears, so I keep the talking to Jesus a minimum while at the 'bucks}.

What do you do to re-fuel? What makes you a fresh new person to be a great mommy to your kids? If you're not taking a break every week or two, I encourage you to do so.  It's ok to admit you need it. I learned that the hard way, and now it's getting easier for me to ask for help.

Nothing brings me more joy than being a wife and mother. But as I say, to be the best mom & wife I can be, I need to be the best ME i can be.

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