Welcome to {life.love.lens} as I share with you a picture a day of the coolest tiny person in my life. Check back every Friday for a look at the week through my lens!

Week 26 – {September 17 – September 23}

Friday 9/17 - Grilling at the pool!

Saturday 9/18 - Reading before bedtime. Her favorite book that the pages are stuck together b/c she eats it so much!

Sunday 9/19 - Gotta love bathtime!

Monday 9/20 - Seriously?? That grin!! It kills me!

Tuesday 9/21 - Conquered the sippy cup! And so excited to learn that something comes out!

Wednesday 9/22 - Hanging out at daddy's office

Thursday 9/23 - Watching the sunset on another beautiful Huntington Beach day!

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