my favorite things: 3-6 months

It's time for my favorite things 3-6 months addition. Yikes. That means my baby is 6 months and that makes me incredibly sad. It didn't really hit me until I got that Baby Center e-mail saying "you're halfway to your baby's 1st birthday". Then the waterworks started. Guess I better get to planning that birthday party huh? Well, for now let's focus on turning 6 months. So here's my list of things that helped us survive 3-6 months. You can also look back at my favorite things 0-3 months.

1.  Sophie the Giraffe - aka "Jeffery" as he's known in our house. The moment she started teething (at 14 weeks when the first tooth popped through), that thing went in the mouth. It's baby crack.

2. High Chair - We got the Fisher Price Space Saver, and love it! It attaches to a chair so it doesn't take up extra space (uh, saver). It also turns into a booster seat when she's bigger.

3. Maclaren Stroller - This has become my third arm. Once she got a little too heavy for me to carry around in the carseat, and especially after transferring her into her big girl car seat this was the best purchase!

4. Exersaucer - She seriously lived in her exersaucer, until she decided one day aroun 5 months she was over it. She still randomly plays in hers, and I'm sure most kids last longer.

5. Feeding - I use the Munchkin brand. I love the bright colors of all of their stuff, and it's so affordable.

6. Leap Frog Table - I love this table! There is so much to learn from, and the legs pop off so they can play on the floor with it until they are standing.

7. Britax Convertible Carseat - We got the Roundabout 55. I love it! It is super padded, and I love the color. Worth every penny.

8. Boppy Pillow - I didn't use this much for holding her or feeding her when she was younger, so I thought we would be done with it. But when she started sitting up on her own, that's when it really came in handy! I would put it behind her so if she fell, she'd have a soft landing. She also lays on it to feed herself a bottle.

9. Jenny Jump Up - This thing is so fun! She loves jump around and walk circles in it. We have it in our bathroom so she can play in it while I get ready.

10.  Baby food maker - I make all of her food, and if you're looking for an inexpensive baby food maker, the kidco is great! The important thing is to make it, and save a crazy ton of money!!

What are your favorite things?? Anything I need to check out as she gets older?

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