make your own babyfood

Making your own homemade babyfood is super duper easy, and so great for your baby! I hear a lot of moms say they just don't have time, or the supplies. So I am here to show you how easy it is, and you don't need fancy machines. I'll show you here how to make carrots & squash. These are great first foods.

Step 1 - Buy fruits, veggies and meats on a normal trip to the store or farmers market. We buy everything we can organic so we know there haven't been chemicals added.

Step 2 - Wash, peel & chop into small pieces.

Step 3 - Cook & Drain. Usually around 20 minutes, I just turn them on and go play with the kiddo or do some dishes while she naps. Then once they are soft, they are done. Let them cool a bit.

Step 4 - Puree! I have a Kidco baby food maker, but a blender with a puree option or a food processor works great too. This baby food maker was pretty inexpensive and works great.

Here's the trick -- Some foods puree better than others. Squash usually comes out perfect, and needs nothing but carrots are a little thicker. With thicker veggies, I either add a little water while pureeing them, or mix some breastmilk or formula to them before serving.

Step 6 - Store, freeze or serve! {I got these little storage containers for about $10 at BRU, but ice cube trays work great too and are cheap. These are easy for measurement, which I like.}

See?? Super easy. We've done plums, avocados, bananas, cauliflower, peaches, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, nectarines, pluots. This week I'll be starting her on meats. And the best part, I know exactly what is going in my little munchkin!

Looking for some great recipes also? I love this site!

Now it's your turn. Go crazy & make all kinds of foods for your little new eater!

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