um hello, baby on board!

Yesterday I had my first major "mom scare", and my first freak out. I went to the Women of Faith conference for the afternoon to hang with some old friends I used to work with. As I was leaving, a lady plowed into the side of my car.  Terrifying me...and terrifying my poor 5 month old daughter in the backseat. Holy. Moly. I could have won an award for how quickly I jumped out of my car and jumped in the backseat to check on her. Wow, she was scared. As I was trying to console my poor girl who had experienced her first trauma (wait...the moment you are born is the most stressful of your entire life, but I doubt she still remembers that?), the lady proceeded to say to me "honey, were we going a little fast?" Ummm...lady, you just opened a can of worms. So I proceeded to scream at her tell her what I thought, and I'm sure I did not make a good first impression.  She got a piece of my mind as my momma claws came out and dug into her.  (Disclaimer, I was going the speed limit, in my own lane when she decided to join me in my lane. I'm not at fault. Just needed to get that out)

Don't you mess with me and my baby.

We were all fine.  My poor jeep needs some help, and I will not be getting in the passenger side for a while.  And the jeep actually looks way worse than in this picture. Funny thing is, we just bought her new big girl car seat and this was her 3rd day in it. It worked great, but have already put in the order for a new one.  Darn.

Maybe it's time to get a Baby on Board sign. That'll scare people away from me. Seriously, I think those things are hilarious and I'm sorry if you're one of those moms with them plastered all over your car. But I get the concept -  my kid is in here, be safe.  Doubt it works, sorry to bust your bubble.

I'm unwinding with a big pumpkin spice latte, and my hubby. Thankful my girl is safe and sound, snoozing in her bed without a scratch.  Thankful. Oh-so-thankful.