daddy date nights

To say my daughter has a great daddy would be a major understatement. And seriously, I'm not just trying to get bonus points or something here. I am married to an incredible man who loves me with all of his heart, and adores our daughter. She lights up everytime he walks in the room, and she's started doing this adorable little pout every time she can see him. We have ourselves a little daddy's girl in the works. Since I am a SAHM, he doesn't get as much time with her as me. He gets home around 6pm, and she goes to bed at 8pm. So we try to pack in as much fun time with dad while he's home. Even though he's only been a husband for 2 1/2 years, and a daddy for 5 1/2 months, he's really got this family stuff figured out. We are FIRST. We are his world, and spending time with us is always his priority. {If you are a man who has happened to stumble upon my blog, this is a serious turn on. Just remember that}

Now that we are a little more settled into life as a family of three, and the munchkin is on a pretty good daily schedule and the colic is gone...mommy needs time. Time to collect my thoughts, to just sit in quiet mostly. So daddy has started "daddy date nights" with her, which I know she will grow to love as she gets older.

I'm so thankful that she has such a great daddy to learn from, and compare all the boys she will ever meet to. Not sure how she will find a man that even begins to match the qualities her father has, but maybe that will keep her away from them longer. No? Oh right, she is her mother's daughter afterall :)

Do your kids do something fun like this with dad? If you have multiple kids, do they have individual date nights with daddy?

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