tacos anyone?

Its amazing how things that were just a little irritating before having a baby, are now enough to make a mom turn into a crazy person. Like the lady that lives below us and smokes on her patio all day and night and sends smoke into our condo. Or the distracted dude on his cell phone who cuts you off. Hello, baby on board!!

Yesterday, my baby was awakened by chainsaws outside our house.

Yes, CHAINSAWS. Are you kidding me?!? Chainsaws?? Now this normally this would have bothered me anyway, but poor munchkin had a rough night and was cutting a new tooth. So I was super upset that she couldn't get her much needed beauty sleep.

If I could speak Spanish, those workers would have gotten a piece of my mind, but since all I can say is taco I decided to keep my mouth shut so they didn't think I was inviting them in for lunch.

Have things like this happened to you? What types of things bother you more as a mom that didn't before?

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