the trouble with napping – part 2

Last week I blogged about the trouble we have with napping.  Munchkin would never nap in her crib, and naptime was a constant fight in our house.  Literally the day I wrote that blog, she napped in her crib. WHAAAT?!?! I think next time I want her to do something, I'll just blog about it because apparently she's reading my blog?

Thank you for your tips on napping and I want to encourage all you mommies out there who are struggling with the same napping struggles I was having. It took us 5 months, but she is officially a GREAT napper and an amazing 12-13 hour per night sleeper.  Yes, my child is a rockstar. Ok, I'm gonna stop bragging now because she'll decide to pop another tooth and stop sleeping.

Here's to napping!!