i'm no germaphobe

I'm not your "typical mom".  I like germs. I can't stand to live in filth, which my house is about 98% of the time because I'm a mom to an infant. But we get by. I manage to clean occasionally, but the dust is all the bothers me.  Germs are awesome.  I'm the mom that picks the paci or toy up off the floor and puts it straight back into the kid's mouth.  I don't hand sanitize every five minutes, and I let the dog lick her face.  I let her play in the ball pit. I actually look forward to the day she eats dirt.

That's just the kind of mom I am.  Why?

Because I honestly think it's best for my kid.  I think it's good to build her immune system, and let her get a little dirty.  I shocked myself when I became this mom, but here I am.  A germ-loving, dirty eating, roll in the grass kind of mom.

What kind of mom are you? Germaphobe or Germ-loving? What is your reasoning?

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