i heart the vintage pearl

Vintage Pearl has some amazing jewelry at really reasonable prices.  You can get one of these gorgeous necklaces with your kid's names. I just recently received mine, and can't wait to add on to it as my family grows! After I fell in love with this company and ordered my necklace, I found out they were based in my homestate of Oklahoma! So I was even more stoked!

Perk: You can customize with name, comes with a pearl and you can order birthstones.  You can also order al la carte charms and stones.

Downfall: Only 6 letters can be done on the square charm, which is my favorite.  But if you look closely...my daughters name is 7 letters and the awesome folks at TVP fit the whole thing for me!! So downfall turned perk!

Go check out their website & blog! A great gift for a new mom, grandma or even dad!