the trouble with napping

Our little munchkin has struggled with napping from day one.  She's so stinkin' alert, and hates to miss anything going on around her.  She hates laying down unless it's night and she's going to bed (and there she's a rockstar, but I'll wait for another day to brag discuss that). So I've never been able to just lay her down in her bed during the day and she go to sleep.  She just doesn't get the concept of "naptime".

I've tried desperately, even feeding her and then laying her in her crib once she's drifted off...but somehow she knows and always wakes up ready to rock and roll.  Our swing has been a lifesaver.  She typically takes her naps in her swing because it's the only way to get her to sleep.  That or the car. So if the swing doesn't work, it becomes a "Target run" day and off we go just so she'll nap.

Am I alone in the nap struggles? Will I ever be able to break her of the swing and get her to nap in her crib?? Nap tips welcome!!