unplugged getaway

One of the best and most important thing you can do for your children is make your marriage the best that it can be. My goal is for my kids to be completely grossed out by how in love hubs and I am. I hope I hear the "ewwwwws" from the backseat while we flirt and they cover their eyes when he lays a big fat sloppy kiss on me when he gets home from work. But this won't come easily, it will take work. It takes us every single day working at our marriage and communicating. A major part of this is our dating relationship and the time we invest in one another. Even though munchkin is only 4.75 months old, we are heading out for our first night away from her. This will not be easy on either one of us and we'll miss her like craziness, but it will be so great for us!

So off we go to an amazing resort tucked away in the mountains of Alaska. Unplugged for 24 hours (except to check on Munchkin of course), and completely focused on each other! Off we go!