hi, i'm mommy & i'm a milk-a-holic.

It's in those moments after you pump your first 8 ounces of milk that you realize...this is what it feels like to be a cow.  And all you can do is shrug your shoulders and move on.  Because now your child is drawn to the smell of your milk and can't keep their head out of your cleavage.  You have to pick out your outfits to make sure you're ok if you end up with milk all over you.  That's just the way it goes. I started getting nervous about breastfeeding in the weeks before having my baby, but opted not to take any breastfeeding classes because of how busy I was with work...and laying on the couch. I figured people have been doing this for centuries without the hospitals and creepy dolls to help.

After you get home from the hospital, and have a few days of nursing behind you; you assume that you've got this thing under control.  Then you wake up laying in a pool and wonder if your hubby switched out your bed for a water bed without you knowing.  Nope, your milk came in and you are now soaked from head to toe in your own milk. Not to mention you now look like a Victoria Secret model and you can't wear any of your normal clothes because they are either too tight or too complicated for nursing.

Enter the ice packs, hot showers, nursing covers, breast pads, nipple shields, nursing pillows, nursing bra, nursing tank, breast pump, milk storage containers, lanolin cream, gel packs. And cabbage.  Just when you hadn't put yourself through enough, lets make a salad in our bra.

Then, if you're like 98% of the rest of the world, something goes wrong.  The baby latches on wrong or can't suck properly.  You end up screaming every time a feeding begins. Then you realize it's not the perfect, beautiful thing you had pictured in your mind.

But no matter what it takes, you do the best you can for your baby.  Because you're a mommy and that's what we do.  We put ourselves through endless amounts of pain and torture to make baby happy and healthy. You go mom.

Happy World Wide Breastfeeding Week. Bring on the boobies!!