hair loss and hormonal imblances

When I picked my child up off the floor yesterday and she was covered in long blonde hairs, that's when I knew we had a problem. Holy moly...the hormones are running wild in my house.

There are so many wonderful things that go with having children, and so many things you never expect.  Your body stretches out of control, a tiny person takes over your breasts and then all your hair falls out.  Oh wait...I said wonderful things.  I know there are some great things somewhere. Wink.

I got so annoyed at all those perfectly tiny pregnant women who would swing their herbal essence hair in my face and brag about how perfect their hair was during pregnancy.  As I sat with my nasty hair in a nasty bun because pregnancy made my hair nothing but a mess of nastiness on top of my head.  Yuck.

As I pick up hand fulls of hair all over my house that could literally make a wig, and fight through tears over the fact that my kitchen is dirty, I just keep trucking. Motherhood is tricky that way.  You get the greatest joy in a tiny little person, but you lose your mind a bit along the way.

Yesterday, to give a special treat to the remaining hairs...I got a new 'do. I'm not a complete blonde babe anymore, pregnancy made me darker and I'm embracing my roots. Quite literally.  So thank you hairs that are still quite lovely in tact.  You stay put, ya hear?!