Welcome to {life.love.lens} as I share with you a picture a day of the coolest tiny person in my life. Check back every Friday for a look at the week through my lens!

Week 18 – {July 23 – July 29}

Friday 7/23 - 4 Month Check-up! 15lbs, 25in & doing amazing!

Saturday 7/24 - Trip to the San Diego zoo & visited the real giraffes!

Sunday 7/25 - Started solids today and did amazing!!

Monday 7/26 - Daddy practicing some music, she loved it!

Tuesday 7/27 - Yup, we're teething. Yum.

Wednesday 7/28 - Playing at the spectrum with Ava & Jackson. She loved watching the big kids splash in the water! She'll be out there in no time!

Thursday 7/29 - Big girl can sit by herself!! Doesn't last long, but we are getting there!