why compare?

I was out with a girlfriend and our kiddos yesterday and we got on the subject of how moms compare their kids.  It's amazing how quickly moms fight to make sure their kid is the biggest, strongest and best at everything. But there is a fine line between bragging, and comparing.

I got to thinking about this even more after our conversation.  Why do we as parents feel the need to compare our children? You better believe I'm gonna brag on my kid and share with the world every detail of her life. I mean come on, the fact that she can toot and spit up at the same time is AWESOME.

My kid came out practically a toddler and skipped the "baby" stage, therefore she has been a little more ahead of the curve on some things.  But there are also some things it took her longer to pick up on.  I hope that I am never the mother that is constantly comparing her children to others.  I hope I embrace every stage they are in, and don't wish for more.

I encourage you moms & dads to not compare your kids! Be thankful for the blessings that they are, and thankful for the stage they are in.