starting solids

Munchkin has been showing signs of being ready for solids for a while now, and after her 4 month check up the doctor confirmed that she is indeed more than ready! Our little overachiever! Sunday, to celebrate being 4 months old we gave her some cereal.  She did amazing and loved it!

Here goes nothing...

I am planning to make all of her baby food and I'm excited to do so. I've been studying up on the best foods for baby and making a eating schedule for the next month or so for her (the ocd part of me sometimes takes over my new laid back mommy status...).

A couple good sites I like for help with making baby food:

She's really enjoying getting something more, even if more of it ends up on her than in her! By day 2 she was already closing her mouth around the spoon and swallowing more. Serious overachiever.

Any tips for my new solid eating girl?