learned flexibility

I am a very organized, by the book, on the verge of obsessive compulsive type of person.  I love lists, calendars and discipline. I like being on time, or even a bit early. If you want something planned down to the detail, I'm your girl. Then I became a mom.

Wow, did it all change instantly.  I'm now at LEAST 30 minutes late to everything we do (I was an hour and a half late to meeting up with friends yesterday...seriously...who am I!?!). My house is more of a mess than ever.  I am looking at little cities of dust growing on my tv, and actually forgot to put something in my calendar this week and almost missed an appointment.

I'm being stretched, and honestly I'm ok with that.  I am a way more laid back mom than I ever expected to be.  There's something about that little person that makes me throw the rules out the window and just enjoy her.  It's the greatest thing in the world! Sure, it's a learned flexibilty and I'm slowly becoming ok with our new lifestyle, but loving every second of it.

Luckily, my daughter is as obsessed with her daily schedule at 4 months old as I am with mine.  That's my girl.

Did becoming a mom or dad change you in this way? Did it make you more or less flexible?