birthday recap & thank yous!

I got spoiled for my birthday! I wanted to share some of the awesomeness I received! My parents came out from Oklahoma to visit and Brook had a few days off work so we had a great time celebrating.  The munchkin decided it was time to start teething so she gave me the gift of spending a LOT more time with the middle of the night.  Poor kid. But I also got some stinkin' amazing gifts from my outstanding family. From hubby...iPhone 4. Rock on. Love it so much! From the kid (and hubby and pup)...a super cute strap for my camera. It still hasn't arrived yet but I can't wait to get this on my camera! From the parentals...a blender. Because afterall I'm old and like to blend. From the in-laws...the Vintage Pearl necklace I've been wanting with the kid's name on it.  Looking forward to adding more charms to this as we add on to our family!

Thanks for making it special! Birthday's are awesome!