a sea of drool

Well, we are officially teething! I've been thinking she was, but so many people kept telling me there was no way this early. Mama always knows though huh?? Yesterday we popped our first tooth.  I was sitting in church and hubby was sitting in the row behind me running the video camera when I discovered it.  She crammed my finger in her mouth and ouch...sharpness! I got so excited, hopefully the entire place didn't hear me turn around and quietly announce/yell at hubby that we have a tooth.

Kinda hard to tell, she wasn't letting me take a picture of it... but it's there if you look close!

We've been a major drool monster since the beginning but now that the teeth are coming it's kicked up a level.  I am about to move on from bibs to just hanging a bucket around her neck to catch it all.  Wow that's some moisture coming out of such a small person.

Congrats munchkin on your first tooth! Mommy is so proud! If you don't hear from me in a few days, I might be drowning in a sea of drool.

When did your kiddos get their teeth? Any tips and tricks for a teething baby?