Welcome to {life.love.lens} as I share with you a picture a day of the coolest tiny person in my life. Check back every Friday for a look at the week through my lens!

Week 14 - {June 25 - July 1}

Friday 6/25 -- Munchkin turns 3 months old!

Saturday 6/26 -- Making friends with Mr. Monkey. BFF already.

Sunday 6/27 - At church with Daddy!

Monday 6/28 - Our first shipment in from diapers.com! Oh...it's the little things.

Tuesday 6/29 - Rolled back to front!! She was determined to get it down this week & she did!

Wednesday 6/30 - First trip to the pool! Such a cute water baby!

Thursday 7/1 - Out shopping with mommy.  The cashier at Wal-Mart kept calling her "he". That big blue bow just screams boy huh?