a legacy for my daughter

Today my daughter is 3 Months Old.  Wow. Where is the time going? Everyone told me it would fly by and boy were they right.  I feel like I blinked and here we are.  I'm afraid I've missed out on so much and been so distracted by a million things and not enjoying her infancy enough.  I'm really working hard to enjoy this precious time with her and remember it all.

I'm starting a project for her that I'm very excited about.  Today I made my first entry in a journal I bought for her that I will give her later in life.  I'm thinking I'll give it to her when she graduates high school and moves out on her own. I hope she cherishes this and can learn from me as I learn along the way.

I've been thinking through some very important lessons that I want her to learn and know as I strive to raise her to become a strong and wonderful woman. Here is what I've come up with so far.

Confidence and independence are beautiful.

Size doesn't matter, wasting your time worrying about it does.

Brilliance should never be downplayed.

Emotions are a beautiful part of who you are.  Go ahead and laugh, cry or scream.

Always have enough money to pay your own way, but be gracious when someone else treats.

Be generous with what God has blessed you with.

You are beautiful on the outside, but it's the inner beauty that really makes you shine.

Never make excuses for your actions.

"Mean girls" are just insecure. Always be kind.

You have the amazing power to make a difference.  Use that power.

Pursue your dreams, especially those that seem unattainable.

The love you give and receive is limitless; love is the most important thing.

I love you sweet Jessi Girl, and I am honored and blessed to be your mom.  You're an amazing joy to me and I love watching you grow and learn new things everyday!