happy father's day!

I am very lucky to be married to the best dad in the entire world.  His daughter adores him, and he's such a great daddy to her.  Every inch of her lights up when she sees him and she squeals with joy.  I love watching them play together and am so excited for her and our future children to grow to know the amazing man that he is.  Thank you baby for blessing me with the most beautiful little girl and for being such a great dad to her.  She has no idea how blessed she is to have that. This year for Father's Day, I wanted to do something a little different instead of the usual cards or tie.  (Yeah right...like I've ever bought my husband a tie) Since we were both raised by amazing dads and my husband now is one, I wanted to honor them in a different way.  I made a donation in their honor to an incredible organization called Charity Water.

This money will go to bringing clean water to a village that has none.  Brook and I were raised being given everything we could possibly ever need, and a glass of clean water was such a simple thing to us.  But now, children somewhere will drink their first glass of clean, clear water.  I can't imagine anything more amazing!

So thank you to all the dads in my life for all you do for me.  I hope all three of you know how much I love you and appreciate all you do! I love you hubby, daddy & dad-in-law!!