these are a few of my favorite things

As I was preparing to become a mommy, I was constantly asking people what their favorites were of certain things, trying to decide what I would use. Now I find people asking me! So here are my top 10 lifesavers, must haves and favorites for baby 0-3 Months. In no particular order. 1. Moby Wrap - Great wrap! A little hard to get used to wrapping, but you figure it out pretty quick. Keeps baby close to you, and a good way to get some stuff done!

2. Happiest Baby on The Block - This is genius.  No, we did not have the happiest or easiest baby on the block, but these methods sure helped to calm her. A must watch. (Just watch the DVD unless you're a big reader and have the time to read!)

3. Swadler - I swear by these.  Our girl was sleeping through the night by 3 weeks, and I'm convinced it's because of this.  A cheap way to regain your sanity :)

4. Dr. Brown's Bottles - I love these bottles.  They come in a thousand pieces, but I really do think they helped with the gas in her belly.

5. Gripe Water - This stuff really does work...or it did for us at least. Some people swear by the mylicon drops, but they didn't seem to do anything for us. (Help with gas in the belly)

6. Swing - It's like an extra set of arms around the house! I really don't know what I would have done without my swing.  It will be one of the best investments you ever make.


7. Tanks - I live in these things. Nursing bras can get really expensive, and sometimes I just need to be more comfortable, so these were the bomb diggity. I use these.

8. Udder Covers - So cute!!! These were my fav!

9. Lansinoh - They have the best stuff in my opinion.  Lanolin cream. Breast Pads. Milk Storage Bags. I use it all.

10. Avent Manual Hand Pump - I use a big electric pump most of the time, but this little pump is amazing for quick on the go relief.

So there you have it! What are some of your must haves or things that gave you a bit of sanity that I need to try out as baby gets a little older?