Welcome to {life.love.lens} as I share with you a picture a day of the coolest tiny person in my life. Check back every Friday for a look at the week through my lens!

Week 11 – {June 4 – June 10}

Friday 6/4 - We always do a little tummy time in the mornings. She's getting stronger & stronger!

Saturday 6/5 - Walk to the beach, first time in Moby Wrap!

Sunday 6/5 - Church always wears us out!! A bottle & nap is a must at the end of the morning.

Monday 6/6 - Looking awesome in mommy's sunglasses!

Tuesday 6/7 - We go visit Daddy at his office on Tuesdays and have dinner with him before he plays basketball with friends.  She likes visiting him at work!

Wednesday 6/8 - No picture

Thursday 6/9 - At worship night at church. Wearing her chucks to match daddy!